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Demineralization ( DM ) Water Treatment Plants

Aqua Filter provide De-Mineralization Plant to our clients. In de-ionization, the hardness and other ions that are initially in the water are removed and replaced with H and OH- ions, which can combine to form water. There are two solutions that are used to regenerate a de-ionizer. One is a concentrated acid, and the other is a concentrated base.

De-Mineralization Plants are available for pure water and ultra-pure water, for the pharmaceutical industry, for micro-electronics industry. Our range of cation and anion exchange units are up to a flow rate 9. 7m3/ hr and the units employ both normal and counter-flow regeneration.

These smaller standard units are:

  • Skid-mounted.
  • Complete with automatic conductivity instigated regeneration.
  • Central control panel control valves are either the well-proven 5-cycle multi port valve or, for larger units, a frontal manifold with individual corrosion-resistant valves.

We Offer

Our company offers excellent quality Demineralization Plant manufactured through technically advanced process. Demineralization Water Treatment Plant, provided by our company, is highly demanded in various industries and municipal sectors. Today, we are regarded as one of the trusted Demineralization Water Plant Exporters.

Portable or Mini- DM Water Treatment Plant

The Water free from any mineral is called De- Mineralised Water (D.M.Water). Naturally occurring Water has various salts in dilute form which are called dissolved solids (TDS) . When the Water having such mineral is required to be free from this, it is to be treated in Ion Exchange Resins column (H form) which adsorbs the positively charge ion. Now the cations free passed through Anion Resin Column (OH form) which adsorbs the negatively charged anions and Water free from the total ions shall comes out from the system.

Mini DM Plant Specifications

  • Model : EDM-5
  • Flow rate : 05 to 500 Lit/h
  • Output TDS : Less that 10 ppm
  • (Best suitable when feed Water is corporation Water TDS < 500 ppm)


Food Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Automobile, laboratory, and many more.

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