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3 stage Big blue Water Filter

Aqua Filter Big Blue Jumbo Filter. This series water filter is made of AS and PP. They are suitable for the Home, hotel and restaurant use. You can choose proper filter cartridge according to local water quality. Proper filter cartridge can remove odor, smell, color, dust, rust, and even organic chemicals from tap water. These water filter can use almost all 10'' standard filter cartridge available on current market.

The water filter comes with a quick-easy diverter valve to install the filter without extra fitting.

Whole house of point of entry (POE) systems are typically installed on a home's main water line, trapping sediment before it enters the house water supply. Investing in a whole house filter will help protect clothes, fixtures and toilets against unsightly stains caused by iron and rust particles. It will protect and extend the life of your appliances by removing sand, silt, scale and other particles.


  • (1) Ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • (2) Available with clear Styrene-ACrylonitrile and opaque polypropylene sumps.
  • (3) Thicker walls for increased strength.
  • (4) Max. Working pressure: 130 PSI.
  • (5) Broken pressure: 300 PSI.
  • (6) Cyc Testing: 0-150PSI, 100000.
  • (7) Available port: 1" or 1.5".
  • (8) PP+CTO +UDF.
  • (9) Filter cartridge is optional.
  • (10) With Bracket, wrench .

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